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New addition to our Fleet! (June 27, 2013)





K-97 TBS - Dirty jobs (May 6, 2013)

There was a contest hosted by TBS for the dirtiest jobs in Edmonton.

Here was the awesome submission that landed us an opportunity for K-97 TBS to come work at Pegasus for a couple of hours:

Why is your job the dirtiest in Edmonton*

Being a warehouse worker / delivery driver is one of the dirtiest jobs in Edmonton, but someone has to do it! You are constantly surrounded by tons of dust and filth that builds up over time and as you know, dust is actually made up of dead skin. Sweet lets breath that in all day long YUM!! Your clothes get dirty, your hands get filthy and the best part is that you get to bathe in your own sweat from start to finish. SALTY! Don't worry though, you will also get the chance to freeze your ass off in the walk in freezer when putting away frozen food product, because we all can't get enough of the cold in Edmonton. Don't even get me started on the delivery aspect! Often times, you will have to bring product down creaky stairs hand bombing it box by box. Or squeeze through hallways that have only enough room for you to walk sideways. You never know what is going to happen or where your next delivery will lead you next.

Listen to the whole Pod Cast here!!!


Heres a short video of K-97 TBS trip here:



(The Big Boss Man - Brian Blacklock)

(VP of Branch Operations - David Pare aka "thee" difference maker)

(Edmonton's Fearless Branch Manager - Amanda Johnson)

What an AWESOME day!!

(Special Thanks to Adrian Broomfield for providing the great photography!)